Pressure Washing

We provide House Washing, Concrete/Driveway Cleaning, Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Services. Find out more about each below.

House Washing:

Mildew, pollen, dirt, grime and algae collects on your home’s siding and when left unattended it becomes an eye-sore which takes away from your home’s curb appeal. Besides being a killer to your home’s curb appeal, the green mold can also be a health hazard, especially for the home’s occupants as it is possible for these spores to enter into the home causing respiratory problems for whomever breathes it in for periods of time. These pollutant build-ups are removable without using excessive water pressure, which can be damaging to your home’s siding, therefore at Under Pressure we utilize a SOFT WASHING technique when it comes to taking care of your greatest investment.

Concrete Cleaning and Pressure Washing:

One of the most instant ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to have the sidewalks and driveway power-washed. Years of dirt, grime, oil deposits, and other pollutants, combined with the moisture of Houston’s climate can create an unsightly image, not to mention a slippery hazard for anyone walking on the surface whenever it is wet. The use of professional cleaning equipment allows us to remove the build up of these deposits with a uniform finish and prevent any wand marks, or tiger stripes, on the finished surface. Clean, mildew-free concrete removes the slippery fall hazard as well as add years back to the appearance of your property.

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning:

Black streaks on asphalt shingles (GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA) is known as roof algae which becomes worse if not treated. Algae mainly survive on the North side of roofs where the proper amount of shade is present. It thrives on the crushed limestone that is used in asphalt shingles. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing unsightly black streaks and eventually, the algae will take over the entire roof. We can kill and remove the algae, using Eco-friendly cleaners and LOW pressure / High volume washing equipment, making your roof look new again.

Don’t prematurely replace your roof…in most cases it can be cleaned for a fraction of the replacement cost!

Gutter Cleaning:

Having your gutters and down spouts cleaned and free from debris prevents them from getting clogged and your gutter from overflowing. This helps prevent roof damage, fascia/soffit damage, siding damage, foundation damage, soil erosion, and even internal water leakage. Routine gutter cleaning is a safer and cheaper alternative to dealing with all the potential side effects of clogged and over flowing gutters! Contact Under Pressure today!

Pressure Washing