Get Your Tile Roof Cleaned with a Soft Wash Pressure Wash

Does your home have a beautiful clay tile roof? How does it look? Are the clay tiles beautiful as they should be, or are they covered with dirt and mildew? You might be afraid to clean a tile roof, out of fear of them being cracked or broken, but you can get your tile roof cleaned with a soft wash pressure wash.

Soft Wash Pressure Wash

Cleaning your tile roof is the perfect way to ensure that it lasts for its useful life. It also helps to keep the beautiful color of the tiles shining through, while at the same time offering protection against breaking the tiles. Yes, you heard that right, cleaning them can offer breakage protection. Often times homeowners are under the impression that if they were to clean their clay tiles they will break. But when done properly, by professionals, safely and effectively, this isn’t the case.

When a tile roof isn’t cleaned by a pressure cleaning professional at least once a year, or when the tiles begin to get built up with mold, mildew, or dirt, this is what can damage the roof. It not only is an unsightly sight to your property, but over time it will break down the tiles, and in turn it can cause damage to your roof.  Once these tiles break, split, or crack, leaks will be allowed into your roof’s structure. From there damaging mold can begin growing inside your home, and water damage to the homes interior can become a problem as well.

The Lakewood Ranch area of Florida is a wet and humid area, which makes it prone to algae growth. Call us at 941-229-8226 and have a discussion about your tile roof concerns. We can come out and give you a no cost, no obligation estimate and show you the benefits of a soft was pressure wash for your tile roof!

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